October 2019 Best Selling Books at the Frog

Four Eyed Frog Books Top 20 Bestsellers October 2019

  1. City Mouse, Country Mouse by Maggie Rudy
    Rudy creates magical mice from felt and pipe cleaners. She photographs her creations for books & cards. See two great dioramas Rudy created for this book at the Four-Eyed Frog.
  2. I Wish I Had a Pet by Maggie Rudy
    A cute and engaging picture book featuring Maggie Rudy’s mice from Mouseland who show youngsters how to choose and care for a pet.
  3. All That the Rain Promises and More by David Arora *
    Mushroom season is just around the corner! This easy-to-carry, must-have book, by local author David Arora, is the only reference book you’ll need.
  4. The Overstory by Richard PowersBC
    "The best novel ever written about trees, and really just one of the best novels, period." —Ann Patchett. Overstory is the recipient of the Pulitzer Prize in Fiction.
  5. Gratitude by Oliver Sacks
    It’s the rare person who counts his blessings upon learning he’s “face to face with dying.” But 
    Oliver Sacks did just that with this posthumous gift to us.
  6. This Tender Land by William Kent Krueger
    Four orphan vagabonds head for the Mississippi in a canoe, searching for a place to call home. They meet the wayward, the displaced, and lost souls in their enthralling journey.
  7. Blowout by Rachel Maddow
    Maddow takes us on a global journey revealing the greed and incompetence of Big Oil and Gas and drawing a surprising conclusion about why the Russia hacked the 2016 U.S. election.
  8. The Dutch House by Ann Patchett
    A dark fairy tale about two smart people who cannot overcome their past. Despite every outward sign of success Danny and Maeve are only truly comfortable when they’re together.
  9. Embers: One Ojibway’s Meditations by Richard Wagamese
    Wagamese’s thoughtful reflections, musings and meditations offer wisdom, insights, and thoughts well worth visiting and revisiting in this excellent and articulate little book.
  10. News of the World by Paulette JilesBC
    Captain Kidd reads 1870 world news to village folk. But at the age of 72 he takes on the challenge of returning a 10 year old girl who’d been an Indian captive for 7 years to her family. 
  11. Cave Painters by Gregory Curtis
    An absorbing mixture of history, mystery, and speculation, The Cave Painters is a fascinating and engrossing journey through the history of the study of Europe’s Paleolithic cave art. 
  12. qh awala.li: “water running down place” by Annette White-Parks*
    Comprehensive, readable and certainly the most interesting and thorough history of our coast. A thoughtful souvenir—for you or for a special friend. Now only $10!
  13. Indian Horse by Richard WagameseBC
    Saul Indian Horse, a self-described hard-core drunk, is told to write his life story as part of his treatment. And what a story he tells. A beautifully written novel.
  14. The Monk of Mokha by Dave EggersBC
    The true story of a Yemeni American man raised in San Francisco who dreams of resurrecting the ancient art of Yemeni coffee but finds himself trapped in Sana’a by civil war.
  15. The Library Book by Susan Orlean
    1986— A disastrous fire in the Los Angeles Public Library consumes or damages over a million books. Did someone purposefully set the fire? If so, who? Now in paperback.
  16. Whales: An Illustrated Celebration by Kelsey Oseid
    This charmingly illustrated collection explores interesting and illuminating facts about whales, dolphins and porpoises. Perfect for those who love our coast
  17. The Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
    The story of a Russian aristocrat living under house arrest in the Metropole, a luxury hotel, for more than thirty years.
  18. Pacific Coast Tree Finder by Tom Watts
    The classic key to identifying native trees of the Pacific Coast. Identifies native trees, and some widely introduced or naturalized species from British Columbia to Baja California.
  19. Pop-Up Peekaboo! Baby Dinosaur from DK
    One of several outstanding, sturdy, beautiful and fascinating pop-up books from DK. Lots of fun for the youngsters in your family.
  20. The Complete Mushroom Hunter by Gary Lincoff
    Lincoff escorts you from the mushroom's earliest culinary awakening, through getting equipped for mushroom forays, to preparing and serving the fruits of the foray.

*Local Author

BC - Local Book Club Selection