Batch Cooking: Delicious Easy Meals: Soups, Stews, Meats, Poultry & More (Paperback)

Batch Cooking: Delicious Easy Meals: Soups, Stews, Meats, Poultry & More By Ting Peterson Cover Image
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Just about anyone can confidently & easily cook delicious, affordable meals.

It would be pretty tough to mess up the recipes in Batch Cooking, according to self-proclaimed kitchen disasters/nightmares. They triumphantly & excitedly announced "Hey, I made your recipe and it was actually really good I can cook...even my kids didn't hate it." Kids.

After receiving many requests for my recipes and cooking tips, usually from guests at one of my dinner parties, I still resisted writing this book for a long time because there is already an overabundance of cookbooks, but the requests kept coming. Yet, I still procrastinated, because the truth was, even the mere thought of organizing & capsulizing so much information into a simple, easily usable guide was stupefyingly overwhelming.

What Batch Cooking is:

  • Easy meal prep
  • Saving time & cleaning effort - cook once, eat all week
  • Enticing variety made easy: poultry, stews, soups, meat, fish, classics, comfort food & international cuisine
  • Simple budget-friendly family meal planning
  • Healthy meals made with real, affordable ingredients
  • Practical dinner party planning ideas

What Batch Cooking is not:

  • Boring repetition

With such a wide variety, family weeknight meals will never get boring Batch cooking is for busy people who want to eat well with minimal fuss, enjoy family time, and mingle with guests instead of toiling in the kitchen. Enjoy easy, delicious, nutritious make-ahead meals; I have also included side and salad recipes to round out the week. Many inexpensive dishes attain the best taste and texture after overnight cooking/sitting, minimizing time pressure for easy meal prep - ideal for budget-friendly party planning.

Convenient & versatile real solutions for saving time & money while eating well, recipe dishes are ready to eat when reheated, incorporated into other dishes, or thawed & reheated.

In this book, you'll find 55 recipes your family and guests will love. Lure everyone to the table with the tempting aromas of hearty earthy stews (slow & low transforms budget-friendly cuts of meat into succulent decadence), soul-warming soups, creamy cheesy pastas, roasted meats and poultry, and other delectable courses.

Most dishes featured in Batch Cooking are super simple meal ideas, perfect for cooking with kids.

With this user-friendly collection, you can easily have home-cooked, healthy, ready-to-eat meals and minimize consuming ultra-processed foods (typically packaged items) that have been linked to countless diseases and health conditions.

The tasty, (nearly) mistake-proof recipes are easy to prepare using everyday ingredients; many budget-friendly meals are included. The dishes have such depth of flavor and complexity that it would be hard to imagine that many are 10 ingredients or less; the secrets are the cooking methods, being really smart about shortcuts, and sticking with quality key ingredients. Since I hate cleaning and fussing, some one-pot wonders are represented.

I've included a bonus quickstart guide to stir-frying, you'll be stir-frying like a pro immediately; no experience, costly investment or special equipment necessary.

This book is written with love; cooking is one way I show my love and affection. It is a culmination of many years of experimenting, tweaking, and trial and error (& most definitely significant swearing).

Let's cook

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