Rebel Canners Cookbook: Preserving Time-Honored Methods (Large Print / Paperback)

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This book is NOT a "how to can" book; instead, a collection of recipes that keep well after canning.Rebel Canning is the long-time passion practiced by the Author's family. Rebel Canners place a high priority on using time-honored methods. They believe firmly in maintaining family traditions and social customs from around the world.In this book, there are methods and recipes used all over the world. Please note that not all countries have the same suggested regulations or processes for preserving food. Rebel Canners respect people of other cultural backgrounds that have been effectively using that different method for generations. Techniques that are different from yours don't necessarily mean they are unsafe or wrong methods to use. They are just different methods than yours.While Rebel Canners recognize there is a need for food safety regulations for industrial canning companies, they also acknowledge during mass production; food may become contaminated, causing the need for a method to be in place for mass recalls. However, in a "farm to table," many recipes and techniques are proven throughout many generations. These small-scale home canning methods need not be subject to the same regulations and testing as large companies are."Farm to table" focuses on natural foods, without the use of chemical additives, and many methods contained in this book have their roots in other countries where laws are not the same as in the USA. Not all canning recipes may fall under the guidelines for the USDA, but they are here to stay for Rebel Canners. If you only want USDA tested recipes, this is not the book for you. Most recipes in this book are approved by the USDA, and the few that are not are marked.Rebel Canners Cookbook, is the private recipe collection of Tammy McNeil, the Author who an avid Blogger that has 60,000+ members in her "Rebel Canners" Facebook group alone. She has many successful Facebook groups on topics like baking and one for Vegans, too. Rebel Canners is the name of the Facebook group that she started a few years ago that has grown by leaps and bounds. Rebel Canners believe that not every canning recipe has to be approved by the USDA to be safe; thus, the reason they say "Welcome To The Darkside. The practice is to preserve time-honored methods that are tried and true. Families canning together is a way of life for many Rebel Canners, and these recipes are some favorites that can facilitate the completion of your pantry.Around the world, people know Tammy McNeill as a canning expert and educator dedicated to guiding others in preserving time-honored canning methods. Never feel alone again in your choices about canning now that you have this Rebel Canners Cookbook at your fingertips.
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