Prediabetes Diet and Action Plan: A Guide to Reverse Prediabetes and Start New Healthy Habits (Paperback)

Prediabetes Diet and Action Plan: A Guide to Reverse Prediabetes and Start New Healthy Habits By Alice Figueroa, MPH, RDN, CDN Cover Image
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Reclaim your health with a lifestyle guide and plant-based meal plan for managing prediabetes

The changes to your life that come with a prediabetes diagnosis can feel overwhelming, but this prediabetes diet plan makes those changes easier. You'll learn how to make reasonable adjustments to your diet and stay motivated to move your body, calm your mind, and manage prediabetes through mindful eating and plant-based nutrition.
  • An overview of prediabetes—This prediabetes diet plan includes information about how prediabetes develops, the risk factors, and how this book can help.
  • Comprehensive guidance—Build a healthier life with a prediabetes diet plan that covers exercise and mental health, along with 50 recipes and a detailed two-week meal plan.
  • Trackers and tools—Use the lists, meal plan, and goal charts to keep track of your nutrition, especially when grocery shopping or dining out.

Take control of your health in manageable steps with the ultimate prediabetes diet plan.

About the Author

ALICE FIGUEROA is a registered dietitian nutritionist, National Diabetes Prevention Program lifestyle coach, and public health research fellow. She’s also an award-winning natural foods chef and serves as a nutrition expert and columnist for leading international publications. Alice is dedicated to creating science-based nutrition content and recipes in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, which she shares on her blog at

Praise For…

"Alice is not only incredibly knowledgeable in nutrition and diabetes prevention, but she is also a talented and innovative chef! I have worked side by side with Alice in the kitchen, and can attest to her thoughtful and creative culinary approach and vast application of health-supportive ingredients and cooking techniques. And now, Alice has written the ultimate guide to the interconnectivity between diabetes prevention and plant-based cooking! Whether you have or know someone who has diabetes, or are a chef cooking for others - I highly recommend this comprehensive book!"—Chloe Coscarelli, vegan chef and author of Chloe Flavor

“No matter specific health needs, food preferences, and body sizes, Alice Figueroa has created an all-inclusive tool with the Prediabetes Diet and Action Plan! This book is filled with health-supportive plant-based recipes that are easy to prepare and bursting with flavor. Each recipe provides vegan alternatives, making this a go-to book for managing prediabetes for anyone.” —Dustin Harder, host, chef, cookbook author, and creator of The Vegan Roadie

“Finding out you have prediabetes can be overwhelming, but don't worry, Alice Figueroa has you covered! With her nutrition expertise and culinary talent, she puts you on a clear, empowering path toward a healthy life full of exciting flavors.” —Ellie Krieger, RDN, Food Network and public television show host, award-winning cookbook author

“Alice Figueroa’s integrative approach to managing blood sugar is at once practical and delicious. Culturally sensitive and compassionate, you won't find any finger-wagging in this book. Alice carefully explains the science and then teaches you how to navigate your health without sacrificing flavor. A real game-changer for anyone struggling with what to eat.” —Celine Beitchman, MS, director of nutrition education and chef instructor, Institute of Culinary Education

“Prediabetes is one of the most significant reversible health problems in North America, and Alice's Prediabetes Diet & Action Plan tackles it head-on. As a former employee of Diabetes Canada, I have a special appreciation for those who go out of their way to combat the nutritional misconceptions about prediabetes. Alice does just that in this publication, explaining why you shouldn't fear carbohydrates and how to leverage nutrition science to get your blood sugar levels back under control. Best of all, the science is brought to life in a practical way with a well-thought-out nutrition and physical activity action plan, which makes these positive changes within reach for those who thrive with that extra direction and structure.” —Andy De Santis, RD, MPH, private practice dietitian and published author

“Alice Figueroa is not only a registered dietitian and chef, she is passionate about culturally appropriate nutrition recommendations and care for people living with prediabetes and other conditions. Her prediabetes reversal plan is backed by the latest science and filled with delicious, easy, balanced meals highlighting ingredients and flavor profiles from several cuisines. Eating healthfully doesn't have to be boring!” —Melissa Groves Azzaro, RDN, LD, founder of The Hormone Dietitian LLC and author of A Balanced Approach to PCOS

“Alice is one of the most skilled and caring dietitians I have ever met. Her knowledge of nutrition science, food, movement, and diabetes makes her the perfect expert to author this book. I love the book's holistic focus and fantastic recipes, and Alice's compassion comes through in her writing. I also appreciate the inclusion of and emphasis on plant-based foods. Fantastic resource!” —Cynthia Sass, board certified specialist in sports dietetics and certified plant-based professional cook

“Finally! A weight-inclusive, evidenced-based, practical book about prediabetes! As a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator, I will absolutely be recommending this book to my clients. The Prediabetes Diet and Action Plan will help you cultivate health-promoting habits to lower your A1c and achieve glycemic control. If you've been diagnosed with prediabetes and want to improve your health using a flexible and non-dogmatic approach to nutrition and wellness, this book is PERFECT for you!” —Jessica Jones, registered dietitian nutritionist and certified diabetes educator
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