The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook: 60 Fiery Hot Sauce Recipes from Around the World (Paperback)

The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook: 60 Fiery Hot Sauce Recipes from Around the World By Michael Valencia Cover Image
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Spice up mealtime with 60 easy-to-make hot sauce recipes

Hot sauces can add zesty characteristics to just about any meal. From interesting new flavors and bright colors to fiery sensations, they can turn an ordinary dish into an extraordinary one. The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook gives you a deep and comprehensive look into the wonderful world of hot sauce. Discover how to rate a pepper's hotness with the Scoville Scale, the various types of peppers, and other flavoring options to toss in. With recipes ranging from Central America to Southeast Asia, this comprehensive hot sauce cookbook is sure to elevate your cooking.

The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook includes:
  • Array of flavors—This hot sauce cookbook offers plenty of options for hot sauces that range in spiciness.
  • What's new?—Get updated information on the ever-changing pepper landscape.
  • Keep it fresh—Learn about the best ways to preserve your sauces.

Add heat and flavor to your meals with The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook.

About the Author

MIKEY V. is an award-winning hot sauce-maker and has been manufacturing his products professionally since 2012. In March 2015, he opened Mikey V’s Hot Sauce Shop in the historic downtown Georgetown Square in Georgetown, Texas. Mikey travels the country to participate in various hot sauce festivals and continues to win awards.

Praise For…

“Hot sauce is not what it used to be! Mikey V. has been at the point of the recent surge in popularity with his awesome palate and his brilliant culinary skills. Thankfully, he has decided to share his secrets! From mild to scorching hot, they are all here in this awesome reveal.” —John “CaJohn” Hard, Founder of CaJohns Fiery Foods, Hot Sauce Hall of Fame Class of 2015 Inductee

“As an uber-collector, I have had the pleasure of following Mikey's creative growth and spicy journey. The Complete Hot Sauce Cookbook offers a detailed look into his passion and offers a peek into the what, why, and how of hot sauce making. It is an invaluable guide for chileheads of all levels.” —Vic Clinco, Owner and Curator of the World's Largest Hot Sauce Collection

“Mikey V’s hot sauce is a landmark in Texas. His insightfulness is complete, and he serves as one of the leaders within the hot sauce industry. This book takes his years of knowledge and passion within the industry and lays it out beautifully. If you are a beginner or have years tripping on peppers you will find a wealth of knowledge between the pages. This is highly recommended and is a 100% must-have cookbook.” —Steve Seabury, Owner of High River Sauces
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