How To Dry Herbs: The Complete DIY Herb Drying Guide (Paperback)

How To Dry Herbs: The Complete DIY Herb Drying Guide By Sally Ann Johnson Cover Image
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There is a lot to be said for growing your own food. What many people often overlook is the ability to grow your own herbs as well. You probably use herbs everyday in the kitchen, but because they do tend to be inexpensive, you don't even bother looking into what it would take to grow your own. You should and this book will help you turn your little hobby of growing fresh herbs into something fabulous. Herbs are prolific and you will soon have enough herbs to start drying. They are ready for harvesting within a few short months, which means if you start today, you could be enjoying dried herbs within the next 90 days Once you have your dried herbs, what do you do with them? This book will explain how to store your herbs so you can get the longest shelf life possible. You will also get to browse through a number of recipes that will use up those dried herbs in a variety of delicious seasonings, herb butters, oils and rubs. You will never buy herbs in the store again once you realize how fun and easy it is to grow your own. If you are new to herbs, don't worry. You will find a chart that includes the most popular herbs and what they complement the best. The herbs are all easy to grow and do not require you to be an expert gardener with a green thumb. You will learn what herbs to grow in your kitchen based on the meals you prepare most. Dried herbs are so versatile and easy to make at home, it makes sense for any cook to grow and dry their own. Your family will thank you and as you get familiar with the various herb blends and give them away to your friends and co-workers, they too will be thanking you and asking you for your herb secrets.
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