Author Event with Ann Thomas ~ Unmistakably Old

Ann Thomas ~ Unmistakably Old                  

Saturday July 15th - 4pm

Humorous essays on life for/about becoming unmistakably old. The forty-nine stories within this book about navigating life as an elder are told through the voice of a woman who identifies herself only as Unmistakably Old. She notices and comments on everyday events that confront us all, ranging from change in clothing styles to changes in child rearing techniques. Little is safe from her observations. This book is one woman's script for living as a senior in today's world. Her philosophy? 'Aging is an engine in motion. A drop of humor is the oil that keeps it going.” 


Dr. Ann Thomas is a writer, teacher, speaker and retired psychotherapist. She has won multiple awards for her short stories and has three books in print, all focusing on some aspect of aging. Click here to view flyer.