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Welcome to the Frog Pond

Welcome to the Four-Eyed FrogBooks website. We’re glad you jumped in.

The good news for you is that you can now order almost any book you’d like to directly from our website — printed books, audio books; even books for your new color Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Android device; for virtually every reader out there except for the one that big company sells…oh gosh, what’s it called? Or, if you so prefer, you can go to the QUICKORDER tab at the top of our page and simply email your request directly to the store.

The Frog currently has families in Florida, Colorado, Ohio, Wyoming, Pennsylvania and a number in California who buy many of their books from a little bookstore in Gualala. They order through emails or by phone.Why? Because they’re on our coast once or twice (or more often) each year, they love independent bookstores, they don’t have one in their neighborhood, so they choose the Frog. One goal with our new website is to make it easier for them to get what they want. We don’t charge shipping on products sent from the store. We don’t charge sales tax for books sent out of state, except for New York. And now, our remote customers can order anything they darn well choose to, directly from!

Here are a few other things you can do, right off the bat!

  • Be the first to know about special sales and bookstore events.
  • Check out the Frog’s most recent best-sellers .
  • Read up-to-date reviews of current and soon-to-be released books. You can even write your own reviews and send them to the Frog. 
  • Find out what great books are on the horizon through IndieBound, the national association of independent bookstores..
  • Let us know what’s important to you.

There’s good news for us, too.

  • We can offer you more than we ever have before.
  • It gives us a brand-new way to fully serve our visitors, even when they’re not on the coast.
  • It makes it easy for us to hear from you.

This site continues to grow and expand. There's much we hope to add that's not yet available. And there very well could be mistakes! If you find eBooks that seem priced too high, for example, let us know. If we're missing content you'd really like to have, let us know. If things look goofy, let us know. If you like what you see...let us know.

This is your site, your portal to the Frog when you can't walk through the door. Pretend you're in the store with us. Schmooze. Please. Let us know!


Featured Event

The Frog is Celebrating Women's History Month

Women's History Month honors the women throughout history whose achievments have often gone unrecognized. It began simply as Women's History Day on March 8th in 1911.  Now March 8th is recognized as International Women's Day, and all of March is dedicated to celebrating the achievements and contributions of women throughout history. There is a wealth of books that delve into the lives of these unsung heroines, many of which were also written by women.  Some are historical, some contemporary.  Read and celebrate!





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