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Featured Event

 A Metaphysical Journey with Clement Binnings, Jr. 

Saturday - April 22nd at 4pm

Local author Clement Binnings Jr. shares his metaphysical visionary fiction novels from "The Grover Series". The first novel, Angel Through the Storms, was a visionary fiction finalist in the Indie Excellence and USA Best Books contests and an award winner in the Readers Favorite in Southern Fiction. Its sequel, The Bubble Rule, depicts the battle between the desire-laden ego and it's archenemy, the soul. His novels portray the transformative power that can arise out of calamity. 

Clement Binnings Jr., a retired family physician, is a writer of edgy metaphysical fiction. Born in New Orleans, he now makes The Sea Ranch his home. Sensitive to the the transformation that can follow devastating events, he was inspired to write Angel through the Storms, in response to the suffering experienced by those who were stranded after hurricane Katrina.



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