Event date: 
Saturday, November 8, 2014 - 4:00pm


Local author, Judith Fisher,

introduces her gripping memoir,


“A daring memoir that escorts the reader from love to terror and back again. Judith Fisher’s story is a stunning journey into the delicate dynamics of a family in crisis. Yet Judith is tenacious, smart, and reflective—the very qualities that enable humans to conquer their shadows and emerge into the light beyond. Readers who have struggled with their own demons (and haven’t we all?) will find this book instructive and inspiring.

               — Linda Lambert, author of seven award-winning leadership books and the brand-new, The Italian Letters


As the prologue suggests (read it and you’ll be compelled to read the book), Bookbinder’s Daughter is akin to sitting in a living room with Judy over a cup of coffee as she shares her life story. And what a life story it is! With the fascinating feel of a can’t-put-down novel, her detailed descriptions take you right into the middle of a life that makes you wonder how she survived.

A memoir of falling to the depths only to rise, again and again.

-- Joel Crockett

Event address: 
Four-Eyed Frog Books
Cypress Village
Gualala, CA 95445